Slatwall Acrylic Holders - A Great Way to Display Acrylic

  • Sunday, 21 June 2020
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Slatwall Acrylic Holders - A Great Way to Display Acrylic

Slatwall acrylic holders are a great invention. They allow you to display virtually any type of acrylic that is round, square or oval. All you need to do is hang them on the wall.

Acrylic is used for many different things from flooring to artwork. Because of its flexibility and light weight it can be used in just about any type of room. With its popularity comes a lot of choices.

A good choice for both decor and design is a slatwall acrylic holder. They make a great gift or can be used to display items that may be heavy or bulky.

There are two types of acrylic holders that are available. The first is the free-standing acrylic holder. This is the most common form and allows you to choose what colors and sizes you want. This type of acrylic holder will not be portable and is usually placed in the center of the room.

The second type of slatwall acrylic holders is mounted on the wall. If you would like a wall hanging acrylic holder, it may be possible to purchase one with a portable one attached. It is more likely that you will get a mount that can hold two acrylic holders, or a single one, but it will not have to be mounted on the wall. These acrylic holders are easier to transport than the free-standing type because they don't require being permanently set into the wall.

Slatwall acrylic holders come in many different styles. The most popular styles have been copied from the Japanese style. In this style the top of the acrylic holder is round and gives the acrylic a circular shape. This is usually the basic form most people buy these types of holders in.

There are also types of acrylic holders that have a pop-up mouth at the top. This allows you to pop out the acrylic and display it any way you want to. For some users they enjoy putting the acrylic in and popping it back in to show off the color that they are displaying.

Slatwall acrylic holders are a great item to display items with because they are so versatile. You can display a variety of shapes and sizes for almost any type of acrylic that you would like to display. They can also fit any style of decor.

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